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Attila Ádám (Adamatys) was born on 2nd July 1986. He is a Hungarian independent composer, musician and sound designer. From his childhood on, he has been fascinated by movie soundtracks and the music of various video games, influencing and inspiring him to pursue a musical education and later a career in music. He started his musical studies in the piano department of the Ádám Jenő Music School. In the following years, Attila continued to develop his knowledge and skills in playing the keys, the guitar and the flute with the help of private teachers. He graduated as a teacher. Today, he is known throughout Hungary as the leader, composer and keyboardist of the heavy metal band called Tales of Evening.

Attila discovered the world of synthesizers, digital recording (editing, mixing, mastering) and MIDI-based music at a young age. His first work was Fabulous World (2009), an album released in CD format. Some songs from it were used as the background music in various nature documentaries and by several radio stations.

At the moment he is composing music for films, videos, asset stores, mobile applications and the music and sound effects of games and other programs in a wide range of classical and popular styles including cinematic, action, ambient, solo Piano, electronica, percussion.


“My name is Attila Adam. I am an independent musician and composer from Hungary.

When I start composing a new song I keep in mind that I am creating unique music for a unique experience. This increases the standard of the final performance and prestige in the competitive sector. Nowadays I belive the most important thing is that developers and companies are offered a range of new experienses, which they may receive with my music.

Allow me to introduce my musical work…”


Modern Adventure and Sci-Fi Music

Melodic, modern sounding music with adventure, Sci-Fi, action, and fantasy style. This background music collection perfect for Action, RPG, MMORPG, Strategy and Adventure games and projects, videos. Contains different moods and styles from calm melodic music to cinematic, energetic combat soundtracks.


RPG Background Music


Improve your games with melodic, atmospheric and mysterious soundtracks.

This music collection perfect for RPG, MMORPG, strategy games and projects. Contains different moods and styles from calm melodic music to energetic combat soundtracks.

Various short music content is also available from “Winning” to “Defeat” samples.

Cinemtaic Trailer and Intro Music Pack

Constantly building melodic, modern sounding trailer and intro music with action, classical and fantasy style.

Perfect for teasers, trailers, intros heroic, and historical projects, promotional videos, film scores, moving image sequences, and background music.

This pack contains different moods from calm melodic music to energetic soundtracks.

Main Instruments: Deep, huge drums, orchestral staccatos, big risers / hits, digital and orchestra brass sounds. Orchestral ensembles, epic orchestra risers and choirs. Flute, strings, soft piano, orchestral ensembles, epic orchestra risers and modern sounds.


“One of the best soundscapes I’ve ever heard. The Nexus 3 sounds great and has a huge sound library.”

Videos about me and interesting things about song writing, musical instruments.


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